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Eric’s story

Eric Lerner started as a street performer, and now performs for Fortune 500 companies and the elite around the world. Here’s his story…
Eric Lerner’s first big break was presenting a report on Houdini in the 5th grade. He learned some magic tricks for the presentation and received his first standing ovation (just a coincidence that the class was dismissed for lunch immediately following his speech).

Eric hit the ground running and then honed his skills on the famed cobblestoned streets of New York City’s South Street Seaport busking during a summer in high school. Here through many trials by many fires he began to sculpt the type of entertainer he is today, funny, quick witted, mesmerizing, jaw-dropping, earth-shaking, and incredibly good looking.

After the honing and the sculpting, Eric has been flown around the world to perform for many Fortune 500 companies as well as private events. He brings something magical everywhere he goes.

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