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“Need to Wow People? This is Your Guy!” -ARMA
“Eric Lerner has been a HUGE addition to our cocktail evening.  He has wowed the crowds and I definitely highly recommend him to come to your corporate event to take it to the next level.  I would definitely hire Eric again.”
Simon Eder

Commercial Director, Beans Group

“We had Eric Lerner at our flagship Spring Conference…a very smart decision on our part. Whoever you are, if you have the opportunity to hire this guy, I would definitely recommend it.”
Gene Stakhov

Executive Vice President, ARMA Metro NYC Chapter

“We booked Eric for a benefit, had close to 200 people there, and Eric worked the room fabulously. Guests could not stop talking about his tricks. He was easy to work with and promises to make your event a success.”
Amy Golding

Executive, New Shul, NYC


…Well they won’t be!

an Unforgettable Ultimate Ice Breaker that Will Make You
Look  Good, Really GooD

Have guests from many different circles who don’t know each other? Looking for a way to break the ice and foster new connections so your guests can have an unforgettably fun experience?

People will literally come up to you and thank you for having Eric Lerner at your event. They will talk non-stop about ‘the thing he did with the X’

Your guests will be talking about your event long after it’s over.

If you want a highly successful event, all you need are engaged, comfortable guests. Eric Lerner’s magic eases and captivates your guests so they will be open and ready to enjoy your event.


Most company events are the same…
They hire a band, they have a DJ, awards banquet, and people leave the event thinking, “That was nice.” Very few events leave people saying, “WOW! That was freakin’ awesome!.”

The second Eric Lerner enters the room, you will see the engagement, and the impression it will leave on your guests. Very few people have seen this caliber of magic in person so they will be in AWE of the miracles they witness inches from their faces.


How does Eric bring the wow?


Need some evidence?


don’t leave anything to chance

Eric Lerner has been professionally captivating people with his magic for over 15 years so you and countless others know you are in good hands.


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